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Luau And Tiki Island Theme Party Supplies

Balloons & Bouquets

18" Tiki Balloon 1Ct
29" Palm Tree Foil Balloon P30 1Ct
36" Hula Girl Balloon 1Ct
38" Tropical Cooler P35 1Ct.
27" Flamingo Beach Balloon P35 1Ct.
18" Painted Pink Flower S40 1Ct.
29" Floral Balloon Bouquet
30" PINEAPPLE Balloon P35 1Ct.
Flutters Butterfly 32" Balloon P35
32" Kiwi Tiki Time

32" Kiwi Tiki Time

INR 1,699.00

32" Summer Scene

32" Summer Scene

INR 1,699.00



Apple Honeycomb 69cm
Beer Mug Honeycomb 40cm
Blue Fish Honeycomb 33cm
Bright Yellow Feathers Bunting 2M
Bright Yellow Feathers Sachet 20Grms.
Bright Yellow Heart Paper Garland 2M
Bright Yellow Round Paper Garland - 2M
Bumble Bee Honeycomb 32cm
Bumble Bee With Fan Honeycomb 68cm
Cherry Garland 360cm
Cherry Honeycomb 36cm
Chili Pepper Honeycomb 35cm
Flag Multicolor Paper Garland 2.5 M
Golden Fish Honeycomb 33cm
Green Ball Honeycomb 33cm
Green Christmas Tree Honeycomb 89 CM
Honeycomb Banana 60cm
Honeycomb Carrot - 47 CM
Honeycomb Red Apple 69cm
Lime Green Heart Paper Garland 2M
Lime Green Honeycomb Ball 33cm
Lime Green Round Paper Garland - 2M
Multicolor Star Garland 2M
Onion Honeycomb 41cm
Orange Feathers Bunting 2M
Orange Feathers Sachet 20Grms.
Orange Heart Paper Garland 2M
Orange Round Paper Garland - 2M
Palm Tree Honeycomb 200CM
Pineapple Honeycomb 53cm
Red Bird Honeycomb 40cm
Silver Honeycomb Ball 33cm
Star Multicolor Paper Garland 2.5 M
Tropical Sun Honeycomb 60cm
Winter Green Heart Paper Garland 2M
Winter Green Round Paper Garland - 2M
Apple Green Papper Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Banner Fringe Hibiscus
Bright Yellow Paper Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Flip Flop Flower Garland Decoration
Light Purpul Papper Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Lilac Papper Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Lime Green Feather Sachet 20Ggrm.
Lite Yellow Papper Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Orange Papper Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Purpul Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Silver Foil Tassels Garland 5Ct.
Tropical Tiki Room Decorating Kit 10pc
String Printed Hula Girl 6 Ct.
Swirl Mega Party Decoration
Swirl Party Decoration Luau Flower
Swirls Flower Decoration
Swirls Streamin Multipack Decoration Red
Decoration Swirl Party Plastic Apple Red
Decoration Swirl Party Plastic Multi
Red Fluffy Decoration 3Ct.
Fluffy Carribean Blue 3Ct.
Fluffy Bright Pink 3Ct.
Fluffy Decoration Kiwi
Fluffy Party Decoration Fiesta
Fluffy Decoration Yellow Sunshine
Fluffy Decoration Multi Color


1 Tiki Plastic Tumblr Glass
Neon Martni Glasses 6Ct.
Martinl Cocktail 20 Ct.
Neon Plastic Champagne Glasses

Table & Room Decoration Kit

Decoration Table Kit Palm Tree
Table Party Decoration Kit Tiki


10.25" Caribbean Plastic 20 Ct.
10.25" Kiwi Plastic Plate
9" Kiwi Green Plastic 20 Ct.
9"Kiwi Green Paper 20 Ct.
10.25" Yellow Plastic 20 Ct.
9" Orange Plastic Plate 20 Ct.
7" Royal Blue Dots 8Ct.
Cup 9Oz Caribbean 20 Ct.
Cup 9Oz Yellow 20 Ct.
9 Oz Kiwi Cup 20Ct.

9 Oz Kiwi Cup 20Ct.

INR 629.00

Cup 9Oz Bright Pink 20 Ct.
Royal Blue Dots 12Oz Cups 6Ct
Kiwi Napkins 20 Ct.

Kiwi Napkins 20 Ct.

INR 282.00

Orange Peel Napkins 20 Ct.
Caribbean Napkins 20 Ct.
Blue Lunch Napkins 16Ct.
Blue Beverage Napkins 16Ct
Table Fringe Luau Decoration Party

Weight & Ribbon

Balloon Weight Mini Tote Gold 1Ct.
Balloon Weight Mini Tote Silver 1Ct.
Party Hat Weight Blue 1Ct.
Party Hat Weight Gold 1Ct.
Party Hat Weight Green Decor 1Ct.
Party Hat Weight Lite Blue Decor
Party Hat Weight Pink Decor 1Ct.
Red Party Hat Weight 1Ct.
Star Balloon Weight Blue 1Ct.
Star Balloon Weight Pink 1Ct.
Star Balloon Weight Silver 1Ct.
Star Balloon Weight Purple 1Ct.
Star Balloon Weight Green 1Ct.
500m. Iridesecent Curling Ribbon 1Ct.
Metallic Green Curling Ribbon 1Ct.
Iridesecent Red Curling Ribbon 1Ct.
Hi-Float Dispenser

Hi-Float Dispenser

INR 800.00

Hi-Float 2.84L (96Oz)

Hi-Float 2.84L (96Oz)

INR 5,000.00

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