Candle Birthday Pick Cupcake #0

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  • Sweeten up your celebration with Number 0 Cupcake Birthday Toothpick Candle.
  • These cupcake-shaped candles come in bright pink, purple, green, and yellow and feature a sturdy plastic pick at the base.
  • The biggest cupcake has a number 0 printed on it.
  • Use these cupcake candles by sticking them into your birthday cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. How sweet!

       Number 0 Cupcake Birthday Toothpick Candles include:-

  • Number 0 cupcake toothpick candle, 2in wide x 6 1/4in tall
  • 2 cupcake toothpick candles, 1in wide x 4 1/2in tall
  • 2 cupcake candles, 1in wide x 1 1/4in tall

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